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Sing Me Back Home, 2018 (book)

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Self published book of photographs, edition of 50.


The images in Sing Me Back Home were made on road trips across the United States between 2012-2018. I see the road trip both as an exploration of the external American landscape and as a way to explore an internal landscape through the use of text, image, and repeating themes. The work in Sing Me Back Home uses the road trip as a means of searching and the exploration of the cultural and social perception of loneliness. But by the act of searching and exploring, ultimately nothing is resolved.

I thought about my work within the context of the history of the American road trip: a coming of age journey that is almost entirely male, particularly within the history of photography and literature. Where did I, a young woman making work about her internal landscape fit within this history?

The work straddles a line between sincere and ironic. I embarked on the project earnestly and as a way to catalogue and express the highs and lows of a heartbreak. As the project developed, I became aware of the almost ubiquitous nature of my feelings; how they were not unique and how songs on the radio could precisely capture my feelings or amplify them. I leaned into the irony of isolating and creating my own world while simultaneously going out on the road to search for fulfillment.

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