Born in 1986.  After 17 years in Connecticut and a brief stint in central Virginia, I moved to Massachusetts in 2006.  Between those three states, I have moved 14 times.  I get restless now whenever I spend time in any one place for too long.

I received my BFA from the Art Institute of Boston in 2009 and recently completed my Master's degree in 2013.  For the time being, I continue to live and work in Arlington, MA.  

I picked up a camera in 2002. Originally drawn to photography as a way to document everything I saw and felt was worth remembering, I have found that this has unconsciously carried on throughout my 12 years of making photographs.

While not photographing, I am also an indoor gardener, a designer, and an avid reader.   I prefer to travel by foot or by car to try to see as much as possible.  Having gained more confidence in the ability of my hands to create things, you can sometimes find me drawing, painting, or trying to make clay flower pots. One of my favorite things to do is host dinner parties.